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Yummy Coconut Yogurt Drink (Dairy free!)

Do you like discovering new healthy food? Or do you tend to eat the same meals over and over again?

By educating myself about healthy food options and introducing new tasty meals to my cooking routine, I have opened a vast world of previously undiscovered, amazing flavours for myself and my family.

Today, I would like to share with you one of my biggest recent discoveries – Coconut Yogurt Drink.

Unfortunately, store bought yogurt drinks contain an enormous amount of sugar, as well as chemical additives such as coloring and artificial flavours. Just for fun, read the label of your favourite yogurt drink when you shop next time at the supermarket. See how many ingredients are listed there? How many of them you have no clue about?

Coconut Yogurt Drink recipe is from my personal recipe collection and requires only 2 ingredients. Very simple, healthy and absolutely dairy free! It only takes 5 minutes of your time to make the drink and another couple of hours for the beneficial bacteria to multiply (with no effort on your behalf!). No sugar or any other additives.

This healthy yogurt drink tastes differently to your everyday yogurt drink because it is coconut milk which forms the basis for the recipe, rather than cow’s milk. A little bit of sourness in the milk, makes it tasty  and great combined with raspberries or other frozen berries. Simply add delicious frozen berries for extra flavour, or blend the drink to create healthy smoothies. Scroll down to see 5 ways I use this Coconut Yogurt Drink in my kitchen:

MAIN INGREDIENT: Coconut milk – 1 can

ingredients-coconut-yogurt-drinkCoconut milk is considered to be a very healthy option for drinking, dessert making and many other culinary uses. In fact, its popularity has skyrocketed as a very good alternative to cow’s milk. Coconut milk contains lauric acid which has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is known for it’s superior benefits for the human’s body. I normally stock up my pantry with 10-20 cans at a time to make sure I always have it on hand!

During my initial introduction to coconut milk, I checked the ingredients of all the coconut milk cans available on the market and tried almost all coconut milk brands without added sugar and additives (yes, they add sugar to coconut milk as well!). One particular brand stood out for me: Aldi’s coconut milk. They have only one type of coconut milk and it ticks all the boxes: creamy, tasty flavour, no sugar or additives and a great price! (and a steal at less than a $1 per can).

Other brands available from Woolworths or Coles have additives or chemicals added to the milk. There are a few brands without the extra naughty ingredients, but they cost triple the price of Aldi’s brand.

You can see how Aldi’s coconut milk can looks like on the picture below.

SECOND INGREDIENT: Yogurt starter or probiotic capsules – 2 tsp

As you probably know consumption of beneficial bacteria can improve digestion, can lower blood pressure, ease hay fever symptoms, support the body’s immune system and even speed up the weight loss.

To get these beneficial bacteria into my Coconut Yogurt Drink I use a yogurt starter with probiotic powder. You can simply use any probiotic capsules from the pharmacy (just open the capsule to release the powder).

Just a note: bacteria in the capsules should be “live”in order for them to be able to multiply.



Mix one can of coconut milk with 2 teaspoons of the probiotic powder. A tip is that sometimes powder sticks together making it hard to mix in. In this case, I just use my hand mixer to achieve a very smooth and creamy consistency.

Finally, place the mixture in the warm place like oven (I just turn the oven on for 5-10 minutes and place my jar inside after switching the oven off).

Leave in the oven overnight.



  1. Drink it for breakfast
  2. Mix with frozen raspberries and other berries to make a smoothie
  3. Freeze to make popsicles
  4. Add to salads
  5. Mix with nuts and cereals for breakfast




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