How to Sew a Beautiful Apron

Do you know how to cook delicious meals every time?

It’s about looking and feeling great while cooking!

I have designed this pretty apron to boost your mood in the kitchen and unlock the masterchef within you! It is beautiful to wear (especially when you have guests) and can also be a great gift idea for someone special.

The DIY tutorial will explain how to sew your own apron in 5 easy steps (pattern is not needed).


  • Approximately 1m of the main fabric (cotton is the best)
  • Fabric for skirt ruffles
  • Lace for decoration (I used 3 different cotton laces)

STEP 1: Measurements

Iron your main fabric, place it on the table back side up, to mark the outline of your apron on it. Then fold it, creating 2 layers at 90 degrees (a square). Pin the layers together.

From the corner of your fabric measure 14 cm (5.5”) 3 times and connect all dots creating a curve (see the diagram). Measure 42 cm (16.5”) from the curve. This will be your apron skirt.

Measure a 24cm x 27cm (9.5” x 10.6”) rectangular for the front of the apron, a strap 60cm x 4cm (23.6” x 1.6”) and a belt 7 cm x 37 cm (2.8” x 14.6”).

Cut out all of your measured pieces.

STEP 2: Beautiful ruffles

To make ruffles cut a long piece from your second fabric. The longer the piece is, the fluffier ruffles you can create. Height should be approximately 10 cm (3.9”). Fold this piece and sew 2 nice straight seams along the edges of the folded fabric (try to use the long stitch on your sewing machine). Don’t do a backstitch at each end.

Carefully start pulling two top or two bottom threads simultaneously, to slide your fabric together.

Attach your ruffles to the skirt with the lace in the middle.

STEP 3: Finish belt and a neck strap

Sew up belt and a neck strap. Flip them over. Sew up the front piece except one side, turn it out. The strap will go inside the apron front. Place strap inside the rectangular to attach with a straight seam.

STEP 4: Combine all pieces together

Take all your apron pieces. Lay them on the table and begin to pin them together. The belt should be on top of the skirt and front piece. Sew them together.

STEP 5: Beautify with the lace

Attach lace to the belt and extend it so that it can be used to tie it at the back. Decorate the front with the lace too.

Wear this apron when you cook and serve food for your family and guests, in order to feel great in the kitchen and become a culinary master.



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    Your apron really is beautiful, Julia – the perfect combination of fabrics and lace. Featured today…

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