Life Therapy: Live Beautifully

Would you like to know the secret to living a happy life?

Wear the right glasses every day.

If you’re wondering what glasses have to do with your happiness, there is an explanation.

And it’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.


When I was little, I often entertained myself with my grandparents glasses.

My grandmother’s pair transformed furniture into big and bulky items while my grandfather’s glasses created a blurry and intriguing world around me.

I was fascinated by how much my reality changed just by wearing a different set of glasses. I loved the game of discovering new worlds – always with a different hue or effect.

Later, I applied the same concept to my life. I noticed that in the same environment, different people can see different realities… Is the glass half empty or half full?

Which “imaginary” glasses do you wear everyday? Is your world positive, fulfilling and just simply beautiful? Or is it somewhat sad and depressing?


Over time I prescribed myself a new set of glasses and they quickly became my absolute favourite everyday wear. These glasses allow me to see the world beautifully – no matter what!

Looking at beautiful things is what makes me the happiest. –  Ali MacGraw


I love wearing these glasses, as they always bring me beautiful surprises,  helping me to find the beauty in everything and everywhere, despite imperfections and high expectations. They show me how to achieve the unachievable and see the unforgettable, creating a beautiful world around me. They teach me to adore my life no matter what, because it’s all about living beautifully.

You owe it to yourself to live beautifully. And I am. –  Jill Scott




This website was created to share a piece of my everyday reality. Beautiful thoughts and inspiration, self-care activities such as meditation and healthy cooking, creative projects featuring beautiful decor and handmade items topped up with online business practices to inspire and guide you through this beautiful world.

I never had the dream to be a great designer. My focus was just to do beautiful things. – Christian Louboutin


Join me on my journey! You might find a new pair of glasses for yourself. It’s never too late…



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