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Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by! was created to share a piece of my everyday reality. Beautiful thoughts and inspiration, self-care activities such as meditation and healthy cooking, creative projects featuring beautiful décor and handmade items topped up with online business practices to inspire and guide you through this beautiful world.

You owe it to yourself to live beautifully. And I am – Jill Scott



All materials are based on my own experience and the learnings I have acquired. To better understand my thoughts and ideas, I recommend that you start from the beginning and read my posts in the following order:

Life Therapy: Live Beautifully


The Ultimate Guide to Positive Thinking
The Advanced Guide to Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating
The Complete Guide to Understanding Feng Shui


Detox Deliciously with this Nutrient-Packed Salad in a Jar
The Easiest Slow Cooked Beef Recipe Ever
Basic Yet Brilliant Corn in the Oven Recipe
Yummy Coconut Yogurt Drink (Dairy Free!)


26 Amazing Ways to Wear a Brooch to Look Beautiful Every Day
How to Sew a Beautiful Apron
The One Fashion Accessory Nobody Ever Tells You About


45 Superb Organising Tips for Your Home


How to Meditate: My Meditation Routine
10 Motivational Quotes to Read Every Morning


5 Online Business Models You Need to Know About Today
GLOSSARY: Essential Business Terms to Know


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